Primary School Education

School and Learning Improvement Program

TCL is implementing School Learning and Improvement Programme (SLIP) in 50 government Primary Schools in Risia and Kaiserganj Blocks of Bahraich. The Objective of the program is to ensure quality education in primary schools and create child friendly schools.

TCL works in the schools with the existing teachers to improve the learning levels of children through creative and interesting methods of learning and teaching aids and materials. Extensive use is made of games, and use of child centric poems and stories. TCL has established libraries for children in all the schools. The libraries are emerging as centers of learning for children. Government teachers have been provided training in language, maths and library work. Overall emphasis is on improving proficiency of children in language, mathematics and EVS.

TCL simultaneously works with School Management Committees (SMC) to galvanize them and make them aware of their roles and responsibilities in monitoring schools. Drop out children and never enrolled children are identified and enrolled in the schools.