Who are we

Trust Community Livelihoods (TCL) is a not for profit organization. TCL focuses on promoting community based livelihood, ensuring quality education in primary schools and entitlement support to migrants of poor in rural and urban spaces in 10 blocks of Bahraich and Shrawasti districts of Uttar Pradesh.TCL also works with other NGOs to facilitate extension of its learning and experiences through hand-holding support leveraging outreach in the process. Capacity building and institutional development are inalienable part of its support to the agencies it works with.At present TCL is focused in underdeveloped part of Eastern Uttar Pradesh.One of the core strategies of the organization is Gender Equality. TCL believes in gender equality that ensures women and men the same entitlements to all aspects of women development, equal respect, equal opportunities & Choices and equal power to shape their lives.Trust Community livelihoods (TCL) is registered as a charitable trust in 2011 and is listed under DIT U/S 12A and80G of the IT Act, 1961, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India.

Our Vision

“Have a responsible society that works to empower poor, creates equal opportunities for dignified life through optimal use of natural resources, and sustainable institutions and environment” in less developed regions of India. It is our belief that household well being leads to societal well being.

Our Mission

“To promote and partner with community institutions in natural resource management, agriculture and allied activities to enhance livelihood security of poor and marginalized households. It would complement the livelihood activities with education, health and nutrition, etc. to enhance their well-being.”

Our Programs


Working with 7,000 households in Bahraich to increase there incomes


Provided financial & social services to 30,000 migrant households

School and Learning Improvement Program

Working in 50 schools with 5,000 children to increase their learning levels

Digital Literacy

Working with 65,000 rural women to give them digital literacy to reduce the digital gender gap

Community Institution


Organizing women to increase there voice in household and community